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A  company  with   a  positive  self-image  and  sense  of  pride will be more unified and efficient, with a stronger “employer brand.”
When  employees  respect  and  appreciate  the  organization  they work  for,  then  their  productivity,  quality  of  work,  and  job  
satisfaction increase.

Are your employees proud of working for your business? This sense of pride may result from the organization’s purpose, success, ethics, the quality of its leadership, or the quality and impact of its products.

An example of this is Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), a leading market information  company,  with  over  14,000  full-time  employees across the world. It collects, analyzes, and interprets information for clients, provides research on business and market issues, and conducts social and political polling.
The  firm’s  network  spans  70  countries,  and  has  been  largely assembled  through  acquisition.  Consequently,  employees  were  often more loyal to their local “in-country” TNS business than to the  group,  which  seemed  remote  or  foreign.  However,  when  one of  its  executives  was  caught  in  the  tsunami  in  South  Asia  in December  2004,  TNS  donated  $250,000  to  UNICEF  to  aid  relief operations. This altruism brought the company together, as employees  were  pleased  to  be  working  for  an  organization  with  values that they respected.

As  TNS  illustrates,  simple  and  positive  gestures  can  achieve impressive  results  in  terms  of  employee  satisfaction,  pride,  and  motivation.

In practice
•    Carry  out  acts  of  corporate  social  responsibility—such  as donation, fundraising(筹款), or simply enacting more compassionate business practices. These all serve to make current and potential employees feel proud to work with your organization.

•    Ask  employees  what  they  value—what  would  they  like  their employer to do?
•    Provide opportunities for employees to engage in fundraising and volunteering activities.

•    Avoid  negative  business  practices.  Employees  will  be  less motivated to work within an organization that is viewed negatively in society.
•    Remind  employees  of  the  ways  their  services  benefi t  society; how the everyday tasks they perform make a positive  difference  within society.





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