How to learn English

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How to learn English


you have to work on your language, whatever it is, forget the stuff you learned from Chinese school as a second language. The biggest challenge is normally the culture gap and communication skill. Pay attention to what other people say in different situation, remember them and use them next time you run into this kind of situation, this will give you a good starter for many casual conversations. Also, joining a dedicated teaching group could improve your skill too, because there are people there to answer all your questions or give you pointers in communication skill. But the most important thing is always PRACTICE that language whenever you can, and don't be afraid of making mistakes (although do try your best to make sure you understand what you are going to say, to avoid some unwanted embarrassment). If you made a mistake one time, next time try your best to not make the same one, and that is progress.

Last thing, language takes time. I've been in Canada for almost seven years now, almost every single time new kids from China think I'm a local when they first see me talking to local people. Yet the fact is that 10 years ago, I can't even talk to people in English even though I was one of the top student in my class and have all the reward and certificate in related contests. It took me two and half years after came to Canada to become  comfortable joining in a casual conversation without sweating like a fountain, four years to become fluent in conversation and starts to throw jokes and stuff. Language is a muscle memory, you have to keep saying it to get that perfect pronunciation.

BTW, if you find it hard to find people teaching you the skills, go watch movies and TV shows, with only the non-Chinese subtitles, listen to a sentence, pause it, repeat it out loud 5 times, make sure you understand it, and yes, you might have to watch a movie seven times to understand it, but keep it up for a year, you will find you can do it in one time, just pausing it a couple times to catch up, and you will start to notice you can understand more and more fragments of the daily conversations.

Oh, and start using a dictionary in the same language, forget about the Chinese translations. It helps you to get a faster reaction time.


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