Customer Services Manager

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Job Description

  • 接待来院病人及一切来访者,为他们提供现场咨询服务;协调电话、网络等离线咨询服务;
  • 根据医院的就医流程及患者的病情需求,进行初步分诊,并向患者作出耐心的解释;
  • 指导病人就诊,陪伴患者至各检查和治疗区域,满足特殊患者的个性需求;
  • 随时关注患者及家属的动态,主动为其在医院提供最方便的服务,提升医院形象,给外界留下良好的第一印象;
  • 嘉宾接待及领导委派的其他任务。
  • Welcome and greet people visiting the hospital (including
    patients/families, customers), quick and prompt reply to messages,
    handling phone calls by following telephone etiquette, offering clients
    seats and making them comfortable in the hospital.
  • Answer all non-medical questions of guests, and provide administration support to clinical staff as required.
  • Guide guests about general location of rooms and various blocks in the building.
  • Be the ambassador for the hospital and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Other responsibilities as required.


  • Competative salary package
  • Medical Insurance and paid vacations
  • Performance-based bonus

Job Requirements

  1. 大学专科以上学历,医学、护理学、公共关系等相关专业优先考虑;
  2. 一年以上客服或相关领域工作经验,具有在医疗机构工作经验者优先考虑;
  3. 熟悉各类办公软件的使用,具备一定的计算机相关知识;
  4. 有较强的沟通协调能力、语言和文字表达能力;
  5. 爱岗敬业,具有很强的服务意识,同时具备高度的责任心,能承受一定的工作压力;
  6. 普通话标准,能够进行基本的英语交流。
  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing, public relations, health, healthcare administration or related field;
  • At least 1 year customer services experience required, knowledge
    and experience of working within healthcare administration/reception or
    hospitality industry is highly preferred;
  • Competent written, verbal communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to manage all kinds of front desk tools such as printers, fax machines, computer, etc.
  • Pleasing personality and enthusiastic.
  • Fluency in Chinese and English is required.

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