Beijing:Project Manager

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Job Description

  • Mindwalk Studios is hiring a fulltime project manager to help us with our
    growing business. If you are a diligent, detail oriented individual who loves
    to play games and/or watch animation, this may be the job for you.  Industry knowledge is not required although
    preferred; we will teach you! What’s important is experience in project management and customer service, as this job will require you to interface with
    customers on a daily basis. You need to be a native English speaker, love to
    work with people, and be able to negotiate with customers. Proficient software
    knowledge is a definite plus. The job does not require fluent Mandarin,
    although it is preferred.
  • If you’re interested in working on all of the games that you
    have seen? That you have played? And/or that you Love? If you have a passion
    for (digital) art, design or computing, or even if you’re just interested in
    being involved in the $90 Billion USD industry that is gaming, then this may be
    the job for you! What is the job about? Enter the overall description of your job.

Job Requirements

  1. Tracking daily project progress and determining
    schedules for resources and assets.
  2. Watching for “red-flags” and providing solutions
    for issues as they occur – or better yet, before!
  3. Communicating daily with customers to discuss
    customer needs, project progress, schedules, and roadblocks.
  4. Communicating daily with artists to understand
    artist needs, and ensure efficiency.

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